“Until death I will be full of beginnings”

Our Easter was really memorable. Not only because we have been able to celebrate it with the dutch and italian family together, especially because we – finally – baptized our youngest son, that is already 3 and a half years old! We waited so long because of the difficult circumstances of the past years.
It has been a day full of emotions. The most incredible thing: my son, who hates to be in the center of the attention (not even for his birthday!), did really good during the ceremony. He did not even complained when he got quite a lot of water on his head :-).
At the end of the ceremony I made a short speech. I like to repeat it here because I wrote it thinking about my children, but the content is actually for all of us. Once in a while is not bad to remind ourselves that life regenerates itself continuously and that, in order to live a peaceful life, we should learn to adapt to the changes. Keep flexible, not rigid. Looking for inner peace instead of perfect external circumstances.


When, now more that 10 years ago I decided to live abroad I thought it would be easy. Actually, it is never easy to leave the country where you are born and grown up. But the mistake I made for all that time was focusing constantly on the things I was missing (sun, light,good food, family…) rather than what I had. And I was unhappy. I knew I had to change but I did not know how. I see my sickness as a, very much logic, answer to all this. Now that I feel good with myself, because I changed INSIDE, I am happy of my life in Holland, even if I still miss the mediterranean light and sun.

Changing is difficult. Sometimes it looks like impossible. I always think about it when I am having a shower :-). I absolutely LOVE a warm shower, always warmer! I could stay one whole day under the shower. And while I move in such a way that the warm water can reach every part of my body, I think that I really couldn’t have a cold shower, even if I know that ending a shower under a cold waterfall is really healthy because it re-activates the circulation. So I keep on enjoying the warmth until… I take the decision! I move out of the water and I turn the handle in the opposite direction. Then I start making my wrists wet, then my feet, then my legs, then the arms and then… my back and the whole body. The water drops almost hurt even if for a short time! Then I turn of the shower and close my eyes to feel every little cell in my body that feels alive again and, incredibly… I feel great! Just like my oldest son says “I feel stronger and I am not cold!” (my husband is slowly working on his brainwashing) 🙂
This small ritual reminds me every day that I can do more that what I would expect from myself and that going through something unpleasant you actually end up feeling better.

If you feel the need, I advice you do the same, at least try :-). After all we always thing about how difficult is to change… but how much energy do we need NOT to change? Do you ever think about it?



“Recently someone told this phrase of an Italian poet to me who says: “Until death I will be full of beginnings”. Today it is Easter, it is spring and my son just got baptized. Because of this, it seems to me to be particularly appropriate.

My son Kylian was born three years ago, but today, here with you all as witnesses, he is re-born. He is now part of the Christian community. He, only, is not yet aware of it. Precisely for this reason, our role of parents, godparents and community is particularly important. We are here now and in the future to remind Kylian, like any other child, that life is made of smiles and tears, good times and bad times, but in particular, that life changes, changes constantly. And as life changes, we change as well. The external circumstances change as our inner needs. Or things happen in life that we would have never expected, that we would have never hoped for. But if we resist to them, we will loose ourselves and we will waste our energy. We should rather accept what life brings to us, daring to close with the past, accepting the good things as a gift and the difficult ones as an opportunity, and looking for love around us. DARE TO CHANGE, because change also means re-birth. This is what we need to remind our children, and ourselves in the first instance.

As something dies, something else, just as beautiful, is born again. So, do not be afraid…

For all this I thank each person that with his presence today took upon himself a piece of this responsibility we have towards future generations.
I also thank God for allowing us to celebrate this important moment with the Dutch family, grandparents, uncles and cousins, and the Italian one, grandmother and grandfather, who came from Italy.
I also thank my cousin M., who is today present with his heart, and my husband’s sister J. For accepting of becoming K.’s spiritual guide.
And, last but not least, I thank Father Avin for his infinite patience and availability, without whom this day would not have been possible.”


I also like to thank my mom for making these beautiful pies and the italian magazines “Sale e Pepe” (sunflower pie) and “Cucinare bene” (carrot-zucchini pie) for the inspiration.

I would also like to thank all the people that are close to me, physically or digitally, with their mind and hearts. If you understood the deep meaning of this message… please, take it along and give it as a present to people that might need it. Even if late (I always remain italian!), I wish you all a Happy Easter!

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