simmetry and asimmetry

(e-mail before the operation)

For all of us symmetry is an instinctive concept. Many things in nature, starting from our body , develop themselves according to a main symmetry axis. Because of this it is easy for us to understand it, associating it to the concept of harmony and beauty. In architecture symmetry is associated to order, strength and stability.
In reality nature, next to a macroscopic symmetry, holds also a consistent asymmetry. This is reinforced by the fact that everything changes, becomes, transforms itself. In this sense asymmetry is just as natural as symmetry, representing instead the concept of movement and dynamism. In art becomes the expression of movement as opposite to standstill, the unexpected that makes interesting and unique an artwork.
In this way I want to think about my body that on the 7th of may will become macroscopically asymmetric, as an interesting and surprising artwork which is the expression of the cosmic dynamism.

Everything flows. These almost six months of chemotherapy flowed indeed making little damages, on the contrary giving good results and leaving us with good hope.

With these positive thoughts I want to face this “asymmetric” part of my life. I visited the temple, now I’m going to enter one of Zaha Hadid’s architecture. I am not afraid of chaos, actually it makes everything just more exciting. I’ll probably have some difficulties in orientating at the beginning, but thanks to my interior strength and the love of the people around me I am sure I’ll find the right path.

A big hug, xxx Fabiana



This picture has been taken few hours before the operation…

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