Wholemeal “ditali” with indian lentils

June 6th 2013

Considering the excesses of the last period (after surgery any excuse was good to celebrate..), it was necessary to get back on the right path. So here you are: a simple recipe but healthy and nutritious. And, last but not least, tasty also for little kids.
I was really craving for lentils since quite some time, so I decided to combine them to a wholemeal pasta because I believe their taste goes really good together. This is in realty a variation on a pasta I was used to make with broad beans and onion. Veeeery good. One day I’ll definitely talk about it as well.
I decided to use “ditali”, a small pasta normally used in soups, because they match the lentils dimension, but nothing prevents us from using a different type of pasta, especially if we live in the Netherlands. These “ditali” in fact come directly from Italy. I bought them during our last Easter trip because in Modena I have a much bigger choice, especially in relation to wholemeal pasta. Since November/December 2012 I started to substitute white pasta with wholemeal pasta, but I was starting to despair because in the dutch supermarket I could find only 2 or 3 types. Recently I discovered that the organic shops luckily enough have much more choices, also in terms of grains. The only problem… the price! Anyway… we should learn to eat less, isn’t it? 🙂
I decided to add turmeric and curry to this recipe to complement the taste of the onion. In this way you really do not feel the need of adding the standard grated parmesan on top and, not less important, you can benefit from the good nutritional properties of turmeric – two birds with one stone! Moreover a pinch of ground pepper, just as a bit of olive oil, helps this dish tasting good and helps our body in absorbing the curcumin, the natural phenol present in turmeric which is so good for our health.
I was a bit skeptical, so I kept some “undressed” pasta aside for the kids, but they enjoyed a lot also the indian version!



250 g wholemeal ditali (organic)
1 can of lentils (better organic)
2 small onions
4 spoons of olive oil (better cold pressed)
half tea spoon of turmeric
half tea spoon of curry
parsley (or coriander) as needed
salt as needed

The recipe is really very simple. You just have to chop the onion fine and fry it (on a slow heat) in a nonstick pan using olive oil, at least these 4 spoons because otherwise… how do we give taste to the pasta :-)?
When the onion starts to have that golden color you can add the lentils, previously drained, and the spices. After 5 minutes maximum the “sauce” is ready, because the lentils are actually already cooked.
In the meantime you can cook the pasta in abundant salted boiling water according to the instructions. Drain the pasta and mix it in the pan with lentils and onion. Serve and sprinkle with parsley or coriander, as you prefer.
It is not like the salmon pasta of my mom or a lasagna, but I really like this pasta because it gives me a certain satisfaction. I hope more people will enjoy it as well…



Time 30 minutes ca.
Difficulty very low
Prevention and DIANA diet  If you want to know more about the diet recommended by Cascina Rosa (National Cancer Institute of Milan) for women who have had breast cancer, click here (only italian). This diet is anyway suitable for all the people who want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle that will help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.
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