Soft chocolate and pear cake + my biggest support

january 16th, 2015

I was right – almost 3 years ago now – to declare I had secret weapons to face the cure that liberated me from a very aggressive form of breast cancer: my sons. They were and still are my biggest support.
My first child was almost 3 and my second one almost 1. They were surely too small to understand the gravity of the situation, but not too young not to be told what was going on. At the hospital they advised a book for kids of their age telling the story of a mother with a “little bad ball” (the “gemene bobboltje”) in her breast. So my kids knew why mamy had to go often to the hospital, why she would have lost a breast and her hair, why she had to rest often. But my older son was even involved. I asked him to help me fight the “little bad ball”: we imagined to have it in our hands and then to throw it as far as possible and at the same time we shouted out loud “AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”. We did it almost every day during the chemotherapy and I had the feeling it would really help. And in the evening, when I was taking them to bed, he would ask for my hand and in that moment I had the feeling he was there for me more than how much I was there for him. His hand was like and anchor that would have never allowed me to slip away…



One day the kids were fighting and I tried to explain them how lucky they are to have each other. “Mamy – I said – was not so lucky when she was little because she had no sister or brother”. My son replied in this way: “But now you are lucky because you have us!” :-). Yes indeed! No matter what happened to me I feel the luckiest mother on earth thanks to these 2 little kids. And nowadays, after 5 years, when I look at them and I get a smile on my face, without realizing it.


This soft chocolate cake with pears is my homage to them. I cooked it to celebrate the 5th birthday of my oldest son. The recipe cannot be labeled as “DIANA recipe” (the cancer-preventing recipe advised by the Italian Cancer Institute for woman that had breast cancer in their past) because eggs are one of its ingredients. Eggs contain lots of animal fats and proteins, which is so important to contain in order to prevent cancer. Moreover, I used organic coconut sugar instead of white sugar while the DIANA diet uses only fresh or dried fruit to sweeten. I also normally do it, but I can’t get the softness and lightness you actually want to achieve for a birthday cake. Anyway, I don’t give up and I’ll keep on experimenting. Anyway this cake us sugar-free, wheat flour-free, dairy-free but it is just as tasty as a traditional one. It may not be anti-cancer but it is for sure a “very good” first step towards a more conscious way of eating :-), maybe not suitable for everyday life but ideal for a special occasion.



75 g chocolate 92%
75 g chocolate 75 %
250 g organic coconut sugar
1 spoon (raw) pure chocolate powder
140 g coconut cream
60 g almond milk
3 organic eggs
50 g extra vergin coconut oil
150 g almond flour
150 g spelt flour
1 cream of tartar*
¼ spoon of vanilla powder esserce
a pinch of salt
1-2 pears for decoration
(optional: coconut powder for the decoration)
1 jar of figs jam (without sugar)

*which is a vegan and natural rising agent, to buy in natural stores/ natuurwinkel


.process the chocolate, the coconut sugar and cacao
.mix (with an electric whisk or using a mixer) the ingredients above with extra virgin coconut, eggs, vegetable milk, coconut cream and ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract powder
.add the flour and salt, and finally the cream of tartar to the mix
.wash the pears and cut into thin wedges
.oil and flour a cake pan of 24 cm in diameter and pour the mixture
.decorate the top of the cake with radially distributed pear wedges
.bake for about 55 minutes at 160-170 degrees
.let cool down, cut in half and fill with a sugar-free jam to taste (in this case figs)


Time 30 minutes preparation time, 1 hour approximately cooking time

Difficulty  low

Prevention and DIANA diet If you want to know more about the diet recommended by Cascina Rosa (National Cancer Institute of Milan) for women who have had breast cancer, click here (only italian). This diet is anyway suitable for all the people who want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle that will help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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