Minestrone with quinoa

july 15th 2013

If you think minestrone is boring, this recipe will prove you the opposite. As it recently often happens I copied the recipe from a masterclass of masterchef Australia, probably the only recipe they proposed that is really healthy next to tasty. Yes, because let’s being honest: with all the condiments they normally use their dishes can only be tasty!! But this time George really inspired me, showing me how you can make a stock without using the industrial one, but the bouquet garni’ instead. What you should absolutely always have in your kitchen (or possibly your garden) are fresh herbs and a gauze :-). Yes one of this sterilized gauze that a woman could have after a mastectomy. I have still quite a lot measuring 10×10 cm, I am still using them but I am sure some I have more than enough. This means I can make still lots of “not boring soups” :-). Next time I will test the recipe with the kids that were by grandpa and grandma to allow us to clean our house and prepare it to a photo shoot and TV recording! :-). Because of this I could cut the vegetables in pretty big pieces instead of super small ones, which they prefer.

This experiment deserves to be repeated. And next time I’ll use fresh tomato paste instead of concentrated because, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than fresh quality good tomato.


80 g finely chopped onion
120 g carrots
80 g celery
240 g celeriac
200 g kohlrabi
170 g zucchini
5 small onions
2 spoons of concentrated tomato paste
30 ml fresh tomato paste
80 g quinoa
olive oil (cold pressed) as necessary

and for the bouquet garni’:

1 gauze 10×10 cm
fresh oregano
celery leaves
fresh rosemary
fresh thyme
1 laurel leave
1 garlic clove



1.cut all the vegetables in cubes; I use the nicer dicer and I have to say that it speeds up the process. Because of this they like so… “precise” 🙂
2.prepare the bouquet garni’ laying all the ingredients on the open gauze; I made an incision on the garlic clove
3.roll it up and close it on itself


4.bind it with a kitchen string
5.stir-fry the onion and carrot, then add the celery and kohlrabi; kook it for approximately 10 minutes, then add the tomato paste (concentrated and fresh)
6.add water (in order to cover the vegetables, in my case approximately 1,5 liters), add the onions…


7.and the bouquet garni’ and bring it back to boil
8.cook for about 20 minutes, then add the zucchini
9.and immediately after the quinoa; cook for another 15 minutes or anyway until the quinoa is ready or almost ready (if you don’t serve immedietely the cooking process will go on in the pan even if the fire is out)


take out the bouquet garni’, serve hot and enjoy this cheerful minestrone!

Time 30 minutes preparation time, 1 hour approximately cooking time

Difficulty very low

Prevention and DIANA diet If you want to know more about the diet recommended by Cascina Rosa (National Cancer Institute of Milan) for women who have had breast cancer, click here (only italian). This diet is anyway suitable for all the people who want to adopt a more healthy lifestyle that will help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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