Hazelnut-chocolate cream with orange zest

may 27th 2014

snack or beakfast, festive dish with medium GI impact: without sugar, without flower, without gluten, without yeast, without meat, fish, dairy and eggs


According to my perfectionistic nature I should not publish this receipt. Before doing it I should publish in chronological order all the 40 receipts that I already collected. They tell how I went from the “granny’s cake” to this healthy version of Nutella. But since I am working on this perfectionism, I publish it anyway. Also because, since a couple of weeks the blog is on-line and this deserves to be celebrated in some way! This chocolate cream is showing what I am busy with at the moment: creating sweets which are such thanks to the use of dried fruit only, without dairy and eggs, rich in good fats, made of natural ingredients, with a low GI impact and… which are just as good (if not even better) as the ones industrially produced. This doesn’t mean we can eat them every day and in unlimited quantities because everything that is sweet is transformed, quickly or slowly, in sugar in our blood and too much sugar is not good for us. But we can eat them when we really feel like it, without having to feel too guilty!
20 kilos ago (!) I almost never ate sweets things because I thought they make you fat. What I discovered is that when you drastically reduce the animal proteins (meat and dairy) and especially any refined grain, this type of sweets… do not make you fat! I am also amazed by this discovery, but I really lost 20 kilos by eating, at least once a week, sweets as described above. Among these: cookies, cup cakes, whole wheat bread with seeds and dried fruit… if you don’t believe it, have a look at my Instagram account! Here I publish all my experiments at the precise moment I create them. And I guarantee… as I cook them, I eat them! 🙂

I choose to publish this particular receipt because this chocolate cream is very good and also because I shared it with other people exactly on the day that my blog was launched! The minimum quantity I can produce when I make it is 500 grams and since there are no preservatives it should be consumed within a week. Well, even if I believe that this chocolate cream is healthy, I do not believe it is healthy to eat 500 gram of it within a week! Because of this I decided to “sell” it to my neighbors through this website www.thuisafgehaald.nl . In this way I make 500 grams, I sell 300 and I keep 200 for myself. I am very happy it worked! In this way I get back a part of the expenses (yes, because everything that is natural and organic is more expensive!) and, next to it, I make someone else happy.

I was inspired by the “nuturella” of Federica Gif, an italian vegan foodblogger, who made a wonderful  video which I would define almost sensual !!! 🙂 Unlike her I use orange zest (which I adore!), chocolate 92% and dried apricots instead of rice malt, which is – yes – a natural ingredient and because of this healthier than white sugar but it has a very high GI (higher than sugar’s!). Moreover I used rice and almonds milk but it would be better to use a simple almond milk because it has a much lower GI. The biggest difference between my chocolate cream and the “nuturella” of Federica Gif is … the creaminess! I noticed that my mixer (the bimby or thermomix in english) at a certain point goes around in circles by smashing the hazelnuts, with poor results. In order to make it become a cream I have to add the olive oil. Moreover, by using dried apricots it remains more mushy. I keep it in the refrigerator because of the vegetal milk. If you would like to keep it longer than one week and/or outside of the refrigerator, you could replace the vegetal milk with oil. In that case I would advise you to reduce the quantity :-).




200 g hazelnuts
50 g chocolate 92%
1 spoon raw cocoa powder (cocoa beans previously grinded to a powder with a blender)
150 g dried apricots
100 ml rice-almond milk
30 g olive oil, cold pressed and with a delicate taste
the zest of 1 organic orange

. Toast the hazelnuts 5 to 10 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees (be careful not to burn them, you have to keep an eye on them because it can happen in a moment!)

. Process the cooled hazelnuts in a blender until they have become a fine powder. Scrape down the sides of the container and continue processing until they have become a cream. Some people say it should take 1-2 minutes, others talk about one hour… I do it for 5 to 10 minutes but in order to achieve the desired result I have to stop and stir several times, but most important… I have to add the olive oil at this stage (if anyone succeeds without the use of the oil I would really like to understand what is the secret…)

. Add the dried apricots and process them in the blender together with the hazelnut cream. At this point you can add the chocolate into pieces and the raw cocoa powder.

. Pour the vegetable milk plant and the orange zest and continue mixing for 1 minute approximately; spread on a slice of whole wheat bread, preferably homemade, and … enjoy! 🙂
I must confess that every time I make this hazelnut-chocolate cream I always change something in the ingredients (I actually have this habit for all the receipts I make periodically). Once I used extra-virgin coconut oil in place of olive oil, once I combined olive oil and linseed oil, once almond-spelt milk … well I like to change! Anyway, this chocolate paste, in all of its forms, has never disappointed me :-).


time 20-25 minutes

difficulty  very low

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