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FOOD FOR HEALTH, life lessons from cancer

Almost 2 weeks ago, I was invited by the Internation Student Church of Delft to talk about my life experience and the role that a radical change in diet and life style has had – and still has – in my battle agains breast cancer. I found it still pretty difficult to open myself to […]

“Until death I will be full of beginnings”

Our Easter was really memorable. Not only because we have been able to celebrate it with the dutch and italian family together, especially because we – finally – baptized our youngest son, that is already 3 and a half years old! We waited so long because of the difficult circumstances of the past years. It […]

from a warrior just like me

When I run like crazy because I would like to cross out at least some of the things that are on my list – like: publish some of the recipe I am collecting… – I end up asking myself why do I do it. I have the feeling the blog stands totally still. I publish […]

I am like the Tower of Pisa

Two weeks ago I started a sort of rehabilitation course for people who have had cancer. It’s called “herstel en balans” or, in english, “rehabilitation and balance”. Rehabilitation because we meet twice a week to do sport or specific exercises; balance because, once a week, there is a group meeting with a psychologist. The first […]

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

It’s not up to me to explain in technical terms what Inflammatory Breast Cancer is. Nevertheless, I’d like to talk about it, in my own way. Hopefully telling my story will contribute educating women about this particular type of breast cancer, little-known, very rare, very aggressive and very often misdiagnosed.   MY EXPERIENCE We all […]


cosa /what Ovviamente cucino a casa mia. E fino a qui nulla di strano. Ma come molte cose che riguardano me e la mia dolce meta’, c’e’ una storia particolare che la riguarda. Un italiano non può capirla completamente neanche se la racconto… perché e’ assolutamente fuori dagli schemi dell’italiano medio. Ma ci provo lo […]

simmetry and asimmetry

(e-mail before the operation) For all of us symmetry is an instinctive concept. Many things in nature, starting from our body , develop themselves according to a main symmetry axis. Because of this it is easy for us to understand it, associating it to the concept of harmony and beauty. In architecture symmetry is associated […]


cosa /what Anche se sono cresciuta nella pianura padana mi sono sempre sentita più pugliese che emiliana soprattutto per ciò che riguarda il cibo, preferendo decisamente i cavatelli con le cime di rapa alle lasagne. Inoltre adoro le verdure e mi piace sperimentare con ingredienti un po’ insoliti, come il cuscus o la quinoa, per […]


perche’ /why Il cibo ha sempre avuto un posto importante nella mia vita. Non sono cuoca ma sono italiana e cresciuta da due genitori buongustai. In più mia mamma e’ una cuoca fantastica. Mi sono sempre sentita dire che so cucinare molto bene, anche se, per via del mio lavoro di architetto, non mi sono […]