bye-bye salsiccia ALONG THE PATH TOWARDS CHANGE, March 15th 2016, Rotterdam

Since almost a week I have my head in the clouds. Last tuesday evening it took place the first bye-bye salsiccia’s event “Along the path towards change, recipes and life lessons from overcoming cancer”. It has been a very important moment for me. I was thinking about it since a long time. There were 23 people, most of them friends or friends of friends. Anyway, it has been a very emotional moment.


I cooked dishes that are now part of my daily diet and next to it, I also made a presentation about my story and how I did come to a radical change in eating pattern, the scientific base on which this change is based, the first steps we need to take (in my opinion) towards this change and the importance of undertaking a sustainable change, for the world but for ourselves as well.


The most incredible thing is that… I did not cry!!! I have been able to talk about the illness and this change still “in fieri” (as we say in latin) with serenity and also a bit of humor. During the evening I have been capable to address a very important message without making it “heavy”, as opposed to what the issue might suggest.

I am proud of the presentation but mainly I have been happy to discover that communicating what I have inside is making me happy and giving me energy. It has been long time since I felt so satisfied about something I did – children excluded :-). All the people present had words of admirations and Prof. Berrino himself (my “muse”), who thanks to technology had been able to browse through the presentation from a distance, reacted with a “very nice, compliments”. In short: my heart is full of pride and motivation to go on along this path.


A special thanks to Zaklina Lecnik who offered her space for free and made this evening possible. So, if you want to help me going on, ask me to organize something for you, a workshop or an evening like this one. I would be happy to take the chance to visit my friends, here in the Netherlands, or in Italy or around the world! :-). Well, dreaming is also for free! :-)…

Here below some some pictures of what I prepared for my guests:


Mushroom-peas soup (with rotterzwammen of course!), rivisited onion “calzone” (with zata’r instead of cheese), “farinata di ceci” (chickpeas kind of focaccia) with garlic and rosmary, cous-cous with red and yellow beats with ras el hanout, 100% wholemeal sourdough DIANA spelt bread (with flaxseeds), chickpeas hummus, chickpeas-beet hummus, pumpkin-pepper cream, nuts and herbs pesto, half-moons filled with red lentils and mosterd salad (mosterdblad in dutch), fennel-valerian salad with “chickpeas croutons”.


The cakes were sweetened with only fresh and dried fruit, they had no dairy, no eggs and two of them had also no gluten.


Here below the text publicizing the event. If you, or someone close to you, are interested, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Thank you.


Bye-bye salsiccia ALONG THE PATH TOWARDS CHANGE: recipes and lessons from overcoming cancer

March 15th, by: Praktijk Zaklina Lecnik, Taanderstraat 26, 3027 PV Rotterdam
Dinner and lecture, 18:30-22:00, costs: 10 euro

Can food play a role in preserving our good health after or before cancer? Can we have a role in our healing process? If yes, how?

After being affected by breast cancer and at the end of the therapy that cured her, Fabiana decided to change her lifestyle in order to reduce the chance of a relapse. She changed radically her diet by eliminating – or anyway reducing to the minimum – sugars, refined grains, dairy, eggs and meat. This according to the WCRF’s recommendations for cancer prevention. She believes indeed that food and health are connected and that we can influence our own health – and most probably the one of the world – with the choices we make every day. But our health doesn’t only depend on external factors. Our inner health, the reduction of stress, the increase of exercise and our strong will of not letting go against an illness are very important tools we dispose if we are fighting for our lives or we are simply looking for a balance in life.
Her daily efforts and culinary experiments are collected in her blog (in english: “bye-bye sausage”) and mainly in her Instagram/Facebook account @byebyesalsiccia. Here she talks about cooking and cancer, and – ideally – how cooking can help us living a life “without cancer ”. The aim is spreading information and, last but not least, inspiring people to pay more attention to what they eat, without renouncing to the pleasure of eating tasty food.

On March 15th you will learn about:

.the story of a cancer survivor
.the recommendations of the WCRF (World Cancer Research Found) for cancer prevention
.the concept of glycemic index and the importance of keeping its level low in our blood
.the steps Fabiana took towards a more healthy diet/lifestyle

Next to this you will taste some of the recipes that are now part of Fabiana’s everyday life.

The evening is organized in collaboration to Praktijk Zaklina Lecnik. On March 15th there are 25 places available. If you are interested in hearing Fabiana’s story and tasting her food, please let her know in advance.
Fabiana Toni / / +31 6 48097792




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